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92 GSR fuel pump

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    92 GSR fuel pump

    Does anyone know if I could just drop a 92-93 GSR fuel pump in my 90-91 LS? Would it be plug-n-play? I need it to feed fuel to my 98 Type-R B18C but don't wanna go crazy with new pump, regulator, and rail.
    Another option would be a Walbro 190lph, with stock regulator.

    What would you do? Thanks


    For future reference, it wouldn't work without an adjustable fuel pressure regulator, the pressure would be too high (surprisingly).

    90 LS
    psi: 60
    flow rate: 33 gph

    92 GSR
    psi: 87
    flow rate: 54.2 gph

    98 type-r
    psi: 80
    flow rate: 44.9 gph

    I decided to go all out and get a Walbro 255, AEM fuel rail, pressure regulator, and gauge.
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    I realize this is an older thread, but to elaborate on the info displayed for any future enthusiasts. The factory fuel pressure regulator controls fuel pressure regardless of the fuel pump (it
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      Nice. Set the new regulator to stock pressure (or a little higher) and you...
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