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If i has a h22a, would my steeing REALLLY honestly go to hell?

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  • If i has a h22a, would my steeing REALLLY honestly go to hell?

    if i had the h22 in my DA, would it really affect steering all that much? hell there in civics and stuff, wil i still have handling?

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    Wade, buddy, pal.... first off, let's try to combine our questions about the same damn subject into one post, k? Second, do a search to see if it has allready been answered in a previous post.

    On a side note, please decide on one engine/supercharger, whatever. It's great that you want to learn about these engines, but I'm sure I'm not the only one tired of hearing about "your b20" when you've covered just about every engine that you are "definitely" going to get.

    Sorry, just had to be said.


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      Yes it will effect steering somewhat, but not as much as u think or as u said "go to hell". Yes there will be a bit or more understeer, H22a equip cars are better in going in straight lines, steering will be a bit heavier, but not as bad as u think
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        Ok, a H22 engine is around 150lbs more than a B18. The H22 tranny is also heavier than a B18 tranny. It will add some weight to your front end. A dodge viper has a 8.0L V10 is its steering all to hell? NO. Why? The suspension was designed for it. If you can afford to transplant an H series engine into your car then im sure you can afford to upgrade your suspension. I do realize that you can do nothing to help the front/rear weight ratio which will throw the balance off. Maybe keep a full tank of gas and get a huge ass speaker box. I think if you upgrade to the best suspension you can your car will handle like it did with the B series under the hood.


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          The whole package adds about 300 lbs (over a B16) to the front of the car (that includes the engine/tranny).

          Keep these kinds of threads in the Engine Hybrids forum.



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            Talking from EXPERIENCE... not from what I've heard or read, or what I can "deduce" from what I've read or heard.... with the H22 motor tilting back towards the firewall, it shifts the center of balance more towards the middle of the car, and not as much on the front, like a B-series motor does. So, steering is much easier than with a B-series motor. I've driven a 94+ Integra with H22, my 92 hatch has a H22 motor (used to be turbo B20 so I know the difference in steering pretty well) and the DA chassis will be the same if you shoe-horn a H22 motor into it. Driving my H22 hatch in parking lots is quite a bit easier now as compared to my B-series motor in my hatch... same goes for other B-series cars I've driven.