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Motor swap into a 91 integ

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    the JDM ys1 sounds nice any idea where to get one besides joe blow on ebay


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      Hello, I need some help. 92 GSR B17. I just bought this car and know no history. but do notice that maybe the head gasket has been done due to the nice shiny head.

      Cold start- idle at 2500 and will make its way to almost 3000. After about 30second to 1 min. the idle will drop down to normal 500 and bounce up to 1500 After running like that for about 1-2min and warms up a bit the problem goes away and idles normal.

      I'm not having any driveability issues. i do get a code9. after reset ecu,cold start and the check light doesn't come on until it starts doing the idle bounce. i have done this more than once due to thats the only way to diag... IAC looks new. and so does the distributor.

      Thank you for any thoughts.

      SOrry if this doesnt exactly fit with this post completely but this is the first post after 10 pages of clicking that i can actually reply to.


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        I'd definitely go through all of the idle control stuff and give it a tune up, reset the ecu and see if the issue and code remain.
        - IACV
        - FITV
        - Check coolant level, burp, burp again and make sure there is NO air in the system

        Code 9 indicates an issue with Cyl #1 Position - a sensor which is in the distributor would be where you would start troubleshooting. Check out page 11-68 in your Helms Manual and it'll walk you through the procedure.
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