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96 vs 98 spec JDM ITR header

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  • 96 vs 98 spec JDM ITR header

    Will the 96 spec, 4-2-1 header fit on a g2 without notching the crossmember. I realize that with the 98 spec header, being 4-1, notching is required. I've searched and found no info on the 96 spec...Is it 'worse' of a header than the 98 spec...

    Here's a pic of the 96 spec

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    on b16 and b17 heads the 4-1 will lose alittle low end power, but on the other hand its good for slight mid range and alot of top end power gains(6hp). the 96 spec is still a real good header. i believe it does not have as much top end power. also notching i believe is going to have to be done. maybe not as much. the 98 spec is an equal length and is why it has to be nothced so much.

    thats about all i know.


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      As already stated, the 4-1 design is going to flow better at high RPM's, but then it will also hang a bit lower, and has no heat-shield (unless you purchase one, of course. which I consider necessary. Dents on a header is no good). Both headers have a 2.5" collector, so that is a plus for each of them.

      On a side note, I helped a friend of mine pull out a B16B/CTR swap, and his header looked identical to the '97 spec JDM ITR header I just picked up. It was a 2-piece 4-2-1 header, 2.5" collector, built in heat-shield and everything. So I'm a little curious to know if the CTR and early JDM ITR header are the same.


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        Is it true that the JDM 98 spec type R come with 210hp stock? and the 96-97 specs only come with 200?