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    guys im setting the timing on my car

    ive got it at tdc, and ive got the pins in the cams however the timing marks on the cam gears dont line up

    im running oem honda cams and the exhaust cam is out by 1 tooth is this ok? the engine spins freely still. but im a little worried has anyone dealt with these cams and can they re assure me please.


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      One tooth is one tooth too much. If my memory is correct, the timing marks on the cam sprockets do not line up perfectly. When the arrows are pointing up, the marks at 3 oclock on the exhaust cam and 9 oclock on the intake cam may be slightly high but very slightly, definitely not one tooth.
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        I put CTR pistons in my motor and the comp was like 11:6:1. you gotta use 91 octane for that or use mess up your motor like that


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          yeh but the dowel pins line up perfectly. ive seen this happen sometimes with the zc engine. and its always the exhaust cam.


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            got this sorted. ive got a rattle from mine think its the tappets i adjusted them to oem specs and its still rattly anyone had this prob?