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  • Need lsd

    Im trying to purchase an OBX lsd. Ive done a lot of research but need just a little help now that its time.

    a) I shopped around and all i can find is OBX LSD9000 which is for the b18b. Will that work for my b18a?

    b) How can i be sure im getting the revised version so i dont have to machine it, or, What exactly do i have to machine( pics would be great)?

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    anyone? Please help


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      can you give me a little info.

      Like what type of tranny you have YS1 or S1


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        1990 gs b18a with s1 tranny. Do you know how i can find the revised OBX lsd's?


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          The LSD 9000 will fit in your tranny without any machining. You will need to remove the speedo ring gear from your old diff. Be very careful as it will be sharp as hell. I sliced up three of my fingers when I did mine. I used a gear puller and a torch. This gear is not the strongest so do not crank down on the gear puller. I would turn my puller 45 degrees for every one turn to keep from breaking the gear. You will also need to remove the final drive gear attached to your original diff. The bolts are reverse threaded , so right = loose and left = tight. Buy new bearings for your tranny since you will have it apart. You will need a pair of c clip plyers to split the tranny case. Trust me the $5.00 is worth it! Using anything else is a total pain in the ass. I recomend pulling the main and secondary gear shafts together wrapped in a towel (taped together) it makes the job easier and keeps everything together. Take a lot of digital pictures to reference when putting everything back together. The hardest part for me was allways the three piece gear selector linkage. Don't over thighten the 10mm bolts as they can snap off in the tranny case. This happened to me once... on a guys car that drove down from Daytona for me to install a set of LS 5th gears. Luckily I had a set of extractors and extra hardware.


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            Obx lsd



            I found it very helpful.


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              That is great. Does anyone know where i can get these bearings from?

              Originally posted by mr_djsonic View Post
              I have seen these videos and read rbryant's article and plan on running his washers and bolts.


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                From the Acura dealer. You might also need a set of shims.


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                  Set of shims? Sorry for the newb questions.

                  Next issue: cant find an obx lsd for sale anywhere besides erzperformance and they are back ordered.


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                    The main and counter shaft bearings may need shims to set the shafts at the correct height.


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                      after u find one and do the math , it might just be cheaper and save ur self the trouble and just buy a lsd trans ???imo


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                        where do i get the shims from?