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car not starting...bit of help please

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    car not starting...bit of help please

    good morning everyone

    2 days ago the car was working well. the idle was screwy, but as it has been since the motor was swapped. ie: if revved it would drop real low to about 150-200 rpms, then just get slightly back up to 250-300 rpms and hover there...the entire car shakes.

    anyhow, i couldnt drive it yesterday cause i locked myself out of my house; however it did start up and i moved it to the other side of the street.

    today i go outside to start her and she starts right up, then dies. push in the cluch, starts right up and dies. then she wont start back up again. there is no clicking of the starter. the radio and dash lights all work. i turn the key and theres is guessing this is the starter motor?

    the other issue is its going to have to be switched to the other side of the street tonight at 7pm, guess ill figure out someway to push her...

    so, starter motor? and if so, how difficult is this to change? mind you, i have a 98 B18C. there isn't a lot of room in that bay...
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    Could the the clutch interlock switch, starter relay, or starter motor itself. I just diagnosed mine (was not doing a thing with the key on except dash lights and priming pump), ended up being the relay. If you do a search you'll find a teg tip on the starter relay. GL!


      oh crap. thanks man.

      is there an easy way to check which one is it? or rule out which one it isn't?

      i assumed it was the motor itself as the power works and the lights all come on, but it sounds like you had the same kind of issue....

      ahh damn it...


        There are 2 relays that go bad in our cars. The main ignition relay that is located behind the dash in the top corner on the driver side, and the main fuel relay that is located behind-to-the-left of the glove box on the center frame that the radio mounts to. My ignition relay was giving me problems, and I didnt want to tear it from behind the dash only to have it not be the problem, so I gave to corner of my dash a good tap/smack with the bottom of my fist. Started right up. Easy way to jiggle it I guess, huh?