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getting started with ecu tuning and data loggers

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  • getting started with ecu tuning and data loggers

    hi i am a new guy and i have been feeling things out by trial and error and i will tell you its expensive and i wanna tear my hair out. any way i just want some more SIMPLIFIED info in dataloggers and ecu tuning. i have looked through most of the info i can scrape together and i still cant figure out what am i supposed to buy, download, and more importantly where to cut into my wire harness. if some one could herd me like a sheep with a low budget and tell me exactly what to buy and do or send me somewhere that will. that would be great oh and i am not lookin for full race preformance but i am what you could say is a mild build thanks and feel free to reem me on my nasty long post ik i suck

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    just read around, theres alot of stuff out there for tuning, im personally going obd1 for simplicity and hondata


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      wow it is a little more clear but there is no dirct cable that will hook up to the ecu? i guess that and i would need alot of help getting everything meshed (i mean all the software) together cause i am not the brightest crayon in the box
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        i have the usb one at the bottom but i am waiting to swap my ecu to obd1 before i use it then eventualy an s300


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          oh so thats all i need for hooking up and i am allready obd1 so what the hell is s300? is that the running software that reads it cause i want realtime data i dont want to "burn chips" and whatnot is that what s300 is or is that hondatas job?


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            an s300 is a hondata chip, it has a lot of features to it check it out
            as far as i know now (cuz im still obd0 and havnt got to dink around with obd1 yet) you can just solder the pins in that dataloging kit into cn2 on your ecu, then plug your computer into the usb/serial port and run either hondalogger or ecucontrol5 to connect


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              wow this exactly what i was lookin for .....minus the price tag but i can wait for it . i guess i thiought it would be easyer