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thinking about buying a series 2 box for the g2

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  • thinking about buying a series 2 box for the g2

    h22g2integra, i know you are quite familiar with the aem box available for the OBD1 hondas and acuras. ive been setting up one on my 5.0 mustang (series 1 box) and like it so far. i was wondering if the series 2 box comes with a basemap to get going? there was a lot of really detailed setup information available on turbomustangs thats been helping me get going, but since none of that will transfer over to the aem tuner software, im kinda in the dark again. can you give any general initial setup advice regarding the procedure on the new box?

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    i actually found the answer to my own question on the aem forums. some basemap files are supplied for aem tuner on that site. i believe the one for the obd1 cars was for a del sol nonvtec. this isnt ideal, but would surely start the car and allow one to get going from there.