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windows Vs. crome

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  • windows Vs. crome

    hey guys

    first up im a big surporter of the ecu i use it (so im not biased to free software)


    i had dramas with freelog at windows vista
    i couldnt get it to work some people seem to say that vistas safety 'features'
    wouldnt let it log

    i also had dramas with crome having errors with vista...

    to fix that i had to change the permissions with vista buy selecting the file and allowing full access to people..

    however freelog doesnt work once uve change them to full access changes when u accept that it changes back to previous settings

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    I still have an XP laptop to run Crome on. When its dies I guess i'll have a problem


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      you should attempt to run the program in windows xp compatibility mode. see what happens then...


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        i keep gettin this error with freelog

        Sanity Check failed! Cui's Datalogger code NOT detected! Please check Comm settings and Baudrate!
        Port Successfully Closed!


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          even in compatibility mode; by right clicking the program > properties> compatibility> cluck run this program in compatibility...?

          hmmm. i'd try to check off "run this program as an admin" too. also, maybe try a usb connection that hasn't been used by something else? i dunno. good luck!

          Edit: read this too

          only reason i am commenting on this is because i had a similar problem way back in the day when i was hacking cellphones with windows 2000. it would not see my usb devices unless i used a free port that had the correct baud rate on it and was running in windows 98 compatibility mode. good luck!


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            yeh ive tried that way aswell

            im starting to run out of ideas

            im considering buying a pro license but if i buy one i dont want the same probs but i dont realy want to spend the money for the pro license. however crome doesnt have a prob its only when u use the plugin


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              having the same issues with cromefree and freelog.....can get freelog to read some data-vac/boost is dead on, not sure about how accurate other readings are but it shows a bunch.

              also how do you setup the target lambda tables?? tried forever, i read you can update it but i can't find a table to download....

              i just can't get anything other than logworks to log my a/f.....i only really need something to log rpms and a/f together.... i've been tuning the last 2 days by "good guessing", though i only had a few major rich/lean spots to work out. i just watched my a/f, documented when i was lean/rich according to my rpm and vac/boost, and adjusted a few sections and much better. was hitting 10.4's and 13.2's now mainly between 11.0 and 12.5.

              so i'm getting the hang of it the hard way, someone make my life easier.....i would buy cromepro but if others can do this for free why can't i??? gonna try running freelog as administrator(i have shitty vista) and i also know i need to switch my analog wires, have the yellow hooked up and i've been reading i need the brown wired in while tuning!! maybe this'll help but....


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                yeh i went out and got pro aswell

                i just need the time to c if that helps my problems in the end on xp or vista i couldnt get them to work

                i couldnt get the sanity test to pass on either vista or xp


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                  have you tried running the program as administrator?? that cleared a bunch of things up when i first started setting my stuff up.


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                    yeh tried that

                    sorted most my probs but still have probs with freelog