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Hondata Coil pack retrofit coming soon!!!!!!!!

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  • Hondata Coil pack retrofit coming soon!!!!!!!!

    arent you guys sick of your dizzys crapping out on you.....stupid misfires...etc..well I am.

    finally someone has addressed the §§§§§ with something we can afford($400) that will be much better than the crappy dizzys we have. Hondata has the new coil pack retrofit that will be available in early june. it is not a wasted spark, so it doesnt fire off every revolution like the §§§§§ does, so with that said, better longevity, and reliability for all of us.

    with that said, I hope other tuning solutions will have capability to run this as Hondata S300 has already done there homework... I am currently on Neptune Demon RTP, but if neptune will not support this, I am willing to part with it to S300 to get rid of the §§§§§.

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    That doesn't seem very affordable at all compared to just replacing bad coils. To get that setup up and running your initial cost is ~$720 not including the S300 itself. You could buy SIX OEM Honda coils for that same price. Has anyone been through that many coils on one car? I've had 2 bad coils over the past 10-12yrs in 2-3 different DA's I've owned. Personally I've never had any serious issues w/ my distributors, just a couple bad coils, that's it. Never any misfires, never a worn out bearing, never a bad rotor, never a bad cap... Maybe I'm just lucky.

    Don't get me wrong, it's a cool option to have, and great for many situations, particularly high dollar built motors. I just don't see that being a worthwhile mod for the average Joe where the goal is to reduce the cost and hassle of replacing bad coils.
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      Colin, you are completely right about not beng for the average joe. for anyone needing a new coil, then it would be cheaper to replace the coil in the §§§§§ than to do this..lately..well I would say for the past year and half I have been trying to figure out my ignition system and why I misfire. during that time I have tried 3 different distributors and one being a brand new OEM unit. I am on a built motor and just really tired of my car breaking up in boost...granted, this puts a load on everything, but it seems as though my ignition is the weakpoint.. so with that said, for a forced inuction type setup, this is your ticket to coil on plug setup for cheap...well cheaper than the T1 ignition coil on plug setup.


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        As it does sound like a fun and interesting route to take how do you account for the countless cars pushing 700 horse and not having issues? I'd have to say I'm on the fence with this one because I get my distributors offline from 130-170 depending on what motor I'm using and not one of them has ever crapped out on me. I've used one on 6 motors for the past 3 years and still going strong. Cool find non the less though. Just have never seen any proof that coils can really make that big of a difference on our cars even in high horsepower situations. Plus you account for the wiring, initial cost, and all that good crap and I could've bought 5 new distributors. Well I was bored so thought I'd chime in.


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          well its all opinionated. I for one would love to get rid of my §§§§§. if the sparks getting blown out, it means you're at the limit for your particular setup. There are a lot of variables that effect the numbers or what can be made on stock ignition so what might work for some, might not for others. Most of us run different setups with various engine management, static compression, temps, elevation etc and im sure that has an effect on what will work and what won't.

          I'm running 100% stock OEM ignition and had break up at higher rpms. Tried 2 different OEM distributors with the same outcome...sure there are plenty guys making serious power on a §§§§§...not saying you can't. obviously this is not a good choice for all motor guys(cost-wise). and maybe not for entry-level FI guys but for serious FI guys or serious allmotor guys that make good want longevity, look into this....a non wasted spark system will keep the coils cooler and that means matter which way you look at it, this is still an OEM are utilizing honda coils still and a hondata box that outputs 4 signals to trigger them. where is the complaint? cost???reliability is no's OEM. and I am sure this can surpass the 700-800whp mark or improve on those who are running a OEM §§§§§.


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            Colin, exactly what I was thinking.
            A similar COP setup could be had for much less. I think it's great and hopefully it will come down in price in the future.