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  • VSS Code 17

    How do you disable the VSS on Hondata S300 so it does not throw code 17.

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    I didnt think you could disable the vss, to confirm that. I just got done looking through smanager and I dont see anyway to disable that.

    what ECU, motor setup? possible wiring issue??


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      It is car that is being raced with SCCA in ITA. The motor is built to rules which stock. The ECU is P72 I think it came from Hondata the problem is it pulls the timing off the motor when it reaches about 110 mph. Not a good deal for road racing.


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        very wierd problem and sadly im out of ideas. my only suggestion would be to check hondatas forum at this point


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          In your guage cluster there is a VSS sending circuit that sends a speed signal back to the ecu. Check if that is faulty: easiest way to check is to pull the cluster, use an electric drill to spin the speedometer. While it is spinning, check the resistance between the two screws holding the speedo unit to the cluster (dont remember exactly, but it is fairly obvious once you look at it). the resistance should vary with the speed of the drill.

          PS. Spin the drill in reverse (counter clockwise).

          Also, in Hondata you cannot fully disable the VSS. You can however get rid of the CEL, but it will still pull timing (and possibly adjust fuel) when it does not detect speed. The correct solution is to fix the VSS problem instead of disabling it.

          An alternative would be to use a 94-01 VSS, and run a wire directly to the ECU. However, you will need an electronic speedometer (any 92-01 speedo unit). Your stock speedometer will not work as it is mechanical (cable driven).
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            There is no speedometer in the car it is a race car.


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              how are you verifying the Ecu is pulling timing based on the VSS?

              There are certain functions like VTEC that are based on a vehicle speed, but you can adjust those to have all of the parameters you need functioning properly.

              if you have a log, showing that timing is being pulled somewhere as a result of VSS being 0 all of the time...the timing is being pulled for another reason...or it would ALWAYS be pulling it

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                No VTEC it is an LS.
                When it throws the code 17 I lose power. When I check the timing it is locked at 16 and will not advance untill the ecu is reset. Can you turn the loging on in S300 in a road race car and get good info?


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                  Odd question. Did you get this fixed and was it the cause? I'm almost facing an identical problem. I don't have a vss connected.

                  Shoot me for bringing up an old post, buts it's the only relevant one I found!
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