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Newbie to Hondata s200 question for Hondata prgmrs

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  • Newbie to Hondata s200 question for Hondata prgmrs

    I bought a Hondata s200 originally for this B18C1 swap I was going to do last month but the guy flaked on me. 2 weeks later I find a complete 93 GSR to swap into my 92 RS Teg. It's a B17 and I'm not sure how it all works so I'm going to read up on it more but let an actual pro tune it.

    What would you suggest for a really good street map? I would love to have all that the s200 let's you do however I don't want to burn out the motor cause it'll be my DD (w/263,xxx). Is it worth the extra $450 to have it rebuilt with some mild cams and THEN tune it, or should I just tune it to the best it can do with it's stock internals?

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    The s200 isnt going to do much for you without the cable and the ability to program it yourself...or taking it to a tuner that has the cable.

    you can upgrade to the S300 and get all of the goodies though if need be:

    you have to do this through a Hondata dealer...which I am, let me know if I can help

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      Without the cable? What do you mean? I have a the whole ecu package still bnib. The s200 has like 6 things you can do, like rev limit, shift light, launch control, etc. I have a friend who can tune it for me. I'm not looking for anything excessive, just a decent street map tune I guess.