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S300. Map issue

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  • S300. Map issue

    91 da on s300 and the hondata says the map thinks its at wide open throttle full load when the car is at a idle the settings for the map are corect Iam useing the stock map on the fire wall and when I unplug the map sensor it does. Not throw a engine light. Any one ever have this issue. Thanks

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    that is funny. i got the exact same issue 2 weeks ago. i bought the s300 v3 and a complete ECU. The MAP did not read below a few inHg. I blew compressed air and it could read some boost. We looked at this issue on another car and it did the same. It happened that the ECU itselft was shot, not the s300. My dealer swapped the ECU and it solved the problem. usually dealer will have an imulator (inject 0 to 5V in the map input) if the ECU read properly, you have another issue.