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  • good turbo maps

    i have been on da hondata site but there is not alot of shareing boost maps.were can we share and learn?

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    you pay some one.

    tuners arnt just going to give their maps out.


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      On the hondata forum there is a section just for calibrations.


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        ok jus woundering


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          i am a noob to tuning, could someone explain what your actually doing when you "tune a car," what do to tune a car, and how do you chip your ecu, is it just plug and play, or do u have to solder it to your ecu? thanks for the info


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            You would need to have it soldered in. theres alot to it and a bit much to start talking about it on this thread here's a link to get you started in the right direction


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              Hi guys it's been a long time since i've logged in. I just switched from crome to the new hondata S300 v3 to use the nice feature it has. I compared the base calibration from hondata ignition timing and the hondata ones has a lot of advance compared to the crome one. I'm wondering if anyone used their basemap for a starting point. I plan to go on the dyno next year (winter coming soon here). By the way, my setup is a lsvtec turbo.
              Good to post again, reminds me of the good times!