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AEM W/B install on a P28 ecu w/S300

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  • AEM W/B install on a P28 ecu w/S300

    According to hondata's website when hooking up a wide band to there s300 system. you are supposed to connect the white wire from the wide band to the D10(ELD) pinout on the ECU

    according to this link

    "Some ECU's may need to have resistors R136 and R138 removed to improve wideband reading accuracy in the software"

    Does anyone know if the P28 is one of these ecus that this applys too?

    being g2ic is the best forum ever, I figgured I would post my question here first but if know on knows, I might just have to post this on hondata's forum

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    I got an awnser of this question over on hondatas forum

    There is no specific list of ECU's, if your readings from you wide band dont match up with your smanager. then you cut the resistors


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      The O2 original input (D14) can be used as a wideband entry, as well as D10, D12 or B6.
      here is a snapshot of the s300 manager. just need to select the right position you are hooking it up to.