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Ability to switch mapping?

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  • Ability to switch mapping?

    I'll be using a P28 ECU chipped with Hondata S300 and I'm wondering, does the program have the ability to switch between different mappings?

    What I mean is this.. I want a mapping for when I want my turbo to spool normally, at the track, etc.

    And I want another mapping that I can use for when I am on the highway for prolonged periods of time. I don't want the turbo spooling up everytime I hit the 4k RPM range since that's way too often in our cars, and my turbo spools fast around that range.

    So, is that an option with the S300?


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    I would think and could be wrong about this but the turbo is going to spool up at the same poing every time regardless of the map being used, but esentaily your want to be able to switch between a (lets say) economy type map and a full race map with the flip of a switch. Im looking at SManager on my laptop right now and if you go into parameters. there a secondary tables tab. from there it apears you can use a switched imput(ex, A/C switch, PS switch) to enable said map Acording to this. window/secondary tables)

    im asuming this for the addition of nitrous or other types of power adders, but if you look more into it. you can adapt it to the purpose that you need.

    Have you tried, finding the awnser on HONDATA's forum. there is some pretty insightful infomation on there.


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      Technically, the ECU doesnt have control over how the turbocharger spools. You could pull a TON of timing in the motor to kill power...but then you open up a whole can of works.

      Use the throttle LESS, and you can do the same thing...

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        Back in the day (scratching grey whiskers), there was a chip that fit epromed ecus that had a couple of extra legs on it. These legs hung outside the socket. When tripped the chip would acess a different block of memory.Which would access a different flash. Of course this is only what I saw/read back then. I always thought a dynamic map that would lean/advance on the interstate for economy and flood/retard for the boost would be ideal. Unless this hyperbole of the future being better is a bunch of BS.


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          you cant stop a turbo from spooling just by controlling fuel and timing. the turbo spools according to the amount of exhaust flow its receiving, which is based on rpm.

          get a small spring for your wastegate, i think the smallest tial makes is 4psi, and an electronic boost controller. so that way with a flick of a switch you can turn the boost back up.