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    The new Neptune Demon is quite intriguing to go out and buy. I know other companies are following suite and utilizing the new demon board. now my thing is this. there are alot of useable software's out there, but which one is best? I am torn between Neptune Demon and ECtune. which one is easiest to use and control? I have used Uberdata for years. it's as simple as ABC, but the support of that software went away quick. I switched over to crome. I use it, it's an ok to use software but not as easy as uberdata. not too complex, but I have never bit into the correction tables for anything so I just left it alone. it's pretty straight forward. now I am looking for something that has more options and basically more controllable.

    Xenocron, you might have the answer to this. please help me.

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    Why does everyone think this is Neptune's big success. This was NOT made by Neptune guys. Neptune carries products from MOATES makes the Demon. It works with ectune, neptune, etc.

    "The Demon is the newest in our line of Honda/Acura-friendly P28/P30/P72-compatible technology. Totally bumpless realtime emulation, embedded datalogging, auxiliary ports, 16x calibration storage. In-situ device fits inside both USDM and JDM ECUs. Gives all the power of the Ostrich, Hulog, RTP, and other products into one. Full native compatibility with Crome, Neptune, eCTune, TunerPro, and others."

    I'm sorry i get very irritated when credit is given to the wrong people. Moates guys work very hard to support the obd1 tuning community and deserve the credit.

    On that note, it is very cool, and bridges the hardware gap between neptune and ectune. I forsee more ectune users emerging due to this release. People rave about ectune(including neptune users, at least the few i've talked to recently), but complained about the need for the ostrich. now that need is eliminated with the Demon.


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      OK, your right, Craig Moates, hat's off to you for bridging the gap. I have been reading about this for awhile and while neptune's new onboard datalogging sounds good, other information about what other EMS tuning software guys are going to do has yet to surface. I'm not really interested in how they work, but I was going to go at tuning this myself as I have with crome and Ubderdata in the past years. but which way to go? what is easiest to use? I'm not looking to complicate things, I just want something simple. AEM is as complicated as complicated can get to me, so I want to stay on the easy street, but something more reliable.

      I had looked on xenocron's website and he has the demon board on there. I had just thought neptune got it and did a twist with the original board. it's all in the software. just talked to Joe @ locashracing and he sells the RTP for $400. not sure if I want to pay that or just get it tuned with base neptune for the same price?


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        Download the trial versoin of ectune and try it.


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          I did. I didn't really like it but I would actually have to put more time into using it, and learning everything to be good at changing parameters. not a bad software at all, but neptune can be tuned out here by Joe @ locashracing. that's my only reasoning behind getting neptune over ECTUNE. in the long run, if needed to be tuned by a person/tuner then it can with ease. there isn't a ECTUNE dealer in az as far as I know. we have a few hondata tuners here and 1 neptune tuner. that's about it. nobody touch's crome or any other free software out here. wierd. everybody out here has egay turbo kits....why not support the needy?


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            Neptune will be the first out of the door with working software for the new DEMON hardware...until it is officially released, there is a discounted PRESALE for the hardware/software combo


            eCtune will follow suit and I assume Crome will as well.

            The software will all remain the same, they will just take advantages that the Demon Hardware gives them that were not previously available with other stuff out there

            Email me if you have any other questions!

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              ON-board Data logging is a harware feature, Moates has not got it finished yet.

              I have the Demon in a P28, in my CRX running a D16Z6 SOHC. I opted to use NepTune and I'm really happy with the product and support has been great. I use Serial data logging for my LM-1 wideband. I can't stress how much I enjoy Neptune and the Moates Demon as a combo.

              I'll be converting to OBD1 in my 91 GS soon, and I look forward to installing a Demon in that setup as well. I'll also be tuning with neptune.

              As usual, Chris at Xenocron was helpful, and I would definitley buy from Xenocron again. I also recieved setup help from Tom and Mattminer over at Wicked Innovations, they're a great place as well.