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Neptune tunerview install

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  • Neptune tunerview install

    finally got around to updating you guys sorry. I got my tunerview installed and it looks flawless. I would recommend this to anyone thinking to run gauges. as you can see, I removed all my gauges leaving the fuel level. let me know what you think. also I am displaying oil pressure through an external sensor through the tunerview and my speedo does work.
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    I like that thing man! How hard is it to install? What options as far as info that it displays are there? I'm guessing it shows water temp? Can it display boost, oil and other things?


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      This thing can display almost anything. it tells me what gear I'm in, it can display boost, RPM, speed, coolant temp, injector duty cycle, timing, when you have a CEL, look at and clear cel's, it also has peak values and warnings you can input where the gauge will flash. I use mine with Neptune rtp demon so I'm able to wire in inputs like that of my oil pressure sender, and I now have a switchable map where I can see when I am on my map to run race gas or when to run 91. it really has much to offer. look here for more info. too much to list.


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        Wow that's pretty awesome. I really like it. And you're right the capabilities are crazy. If I end up going turbo like I want, I'll probably pick one of these up and install it. It's growing on me the more and more I look at it.


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          Originally posted by AlexanderRychok
          Pm prices for demon and tunerview together, and for each alone seperate..

          Also demon with Neptune thrown in... I may want to try it

          May be interested
          5 year old thread bruh