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DIY Motor Mount Installation?

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  • DIY Motor Mount Installation?

    Hows it goin everyone, trying to get some advice on motor mount installation for my girlfriends 92 Integra. She had the common vibration issues that the automatic G2's are known for so i went ahead and ordered all 4 mounts. I was able to install the 2 side mounts with the help of a friend but didnt even know where to begin with the front and rear mounts. My friend said it can only be done with a lift, wondering if thats true or not. It looks like the front cant come out unless the radiator and fans are removed and the rear just seem possible with the lift although ive heard of several people saying otherwise. I spent some time searching the forum for a DIY thread or anything else related but couldnt seem to find anything so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance guys

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    by the way, i hope this thread is in the right location. ive been searching the forum all day today at work but still no luck...just alot of old threads of members asking for advice of why their cars were shaking and being responded with "its your motor mounts". some responded with info but it was somewhat vague, just hoping the right guy can read this and be a little bit more descriptive, thanks again guys


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      Front mount is super easy, that rear mount tho....major bitch to get out even with the motor out. It bolts to the top of the rear sub-frame and its tight quarters trying to turn those bolts.


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        Thanks for the response man. And I lived in Phoenix for 2 years right across the street from the metro center mall, loved it out there. I keep hearing the front mount is pretty easy but it looked alot more difficult when i checked it out, maybe there was something i over looked. A brief explanation on how you guys approached it would really help out. As far as the rear mount goes...i dont even know where to begin. I plan on trying to get it done over the weekend so any other advice would be a huge help. I figured ill post this thread on the site because the members really know their stuff, lots of good info and feedback here unlike other sites.


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          I'm more in the east valley myself. Chandler area.

          For that front mount, it just has two bolts that bolt to the tranny housing, and one long one that goes through the mount it self. Take out the long one first then use a socket wrench for the other 2. There are lips on the mount that limits the use of a normal box wrench. Once you get in there you'll figure it out, you really cant do it wrong to be honest.


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            Do you have to jack up the car/engine and where?


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              The rear mount is a pain but not impossible. Here what I did: with the car on jacks take all the bolts associated with the mount out also remove all the bolts for the T-Bracket. Next remove the bolts holding the intake manifold support bracket on, this will give you a little room to work with. Now with the new mount in hand install the rear bolt closest to the drive side but only thread it in a few threads so you can easily move the mount up and swivel it. Now what you do is have the T-Bracket at an angle and work with the slack the loose mount provides to get the T-Bracket to swivel back into place. I did this on a factory 92 GSR that had power steering and all on the car so it can be done, its not easy but you definitely do not need a lift. Did I mention I was working by myself? Be diligent and take your time, get a good shop light so that your not battling with a flash light.