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Heater won't shut off Help

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  • Heater won't shut off Help

    I have a 92 Gs Da and my heater keeps blowing hot air even when it's off I have no idea what it is. I need help I really hate going places and arriving sweating

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    mine does that too. down by my feet... especially noticeable with the sunroof open. I'm pretty sure it is cause I am mising vent ducting, or possibly even an unplugged hole in my firewall where my alarm wiring is coming through.

    At least that is what I always assumed.


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      I will have To take my dash apart and see I was what I can find.


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        You need to be way more specific dude.

        What do you mean it keeps blowing hot air?

        Do you mean that the blower motor stays on even when you turn the fan control to Off?

        Or do you mean it blows hot air even when you turn the temperature knob to Cold?

        If you're looking for help diagnosing a problem with your car, be specific..we can't see your car, we can only go off of the information you give us.


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          Sorry about the lack of info.
          But yes it's keeps blowing hot air even when I turn off the heater it feels like it stays in the low setting of the climate control
          and even when it's on and I switch it to cold


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            definitely sounds exactly like my issue.

            What OP is relating is that when cruising Highway speeds, even with the blower off & heater control set to cold there is constant supply of heated air coming in near the driver and passenger's feet.

            in my case it is most noticeable like I said at freeway speeds when I have either a window or the sunroof open.

            given the nature of the situation and airflow dynamics I am guessing it is an unplugged hole in the firewall allowing warm air from the engine bay to flow to the passenger compartment. This airflow is exacerbated when a window or the sunroof gets opened as it acts like an eductor drawing air from the engine bay.

            make sense?


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              Mine dose it even when I'm stopped with all the windows closed and the sunroof closes
              but I'm definitely gonna see if I can see any unplugged holes in the fire wall.
              I don't mind the heat today since it snowed


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                ok yea... that is a little different from my albeit similar issue. Windows shut heater off I do not really notice it.

                More than anything I was also giving an example of how we like full details. The more you explain the better we can understand and see if it's a common issue or something more specific.

                Let me know what you find tho...


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                  It took me a while but I found out it was 2 holes in the fire wall so far it hasn't blown hot air no more so thinking that was the problem