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    @91_LS_Special: this latest donor car is a '93, sorry. Also, I am going out of town for a week, a family matter came up. To keep things simple, I cashed out and had a friend trailer the car to some private property, so nothing else is disappearing off the car, not like my last experience.

    As for the price of the transmission, I was going to take a look at car-part, and just charge less than what is listed there. You can do that yourself, go to, find a transmission or whatever else you are thinking of buying, similar mileage, and figure about 1/3 less from a private seller (unless it is something super rare, which this is not). A better question is how we ship it to you if you buy it.

    @TegFan: looking forward to it, just give me a wk-to-10 days to get back into town, LOL.


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      Well if you're up for it the best way is to freight a transmission.


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        Well I just found out there is a guy with on for sale. The miles are unknown, he says it works great. He is asking $250 and they are $50 dollars at pull a part assuming I can get one.