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obd0 b18a1 harness have some spliced wires duno what they are for please help

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    obd0 b18a1 harness have some spliced wires duno what they are for please help

    Ok well im in the process of swapping in my boosted obd1 b16a into this 90 teg i just picked up. Well im stripping down the harness and i noticed the guy before me spliced some wires together. They are both green. One is a dark green on is a lighter green. They are spliced together under a round plug, not sure what its for yet. It has a YELLOW/WHITE RED/BLUE AND THE SOLID LIGHT GREEN. WELL ABOUT 6" under this plug in the bigger part of the harnes the dark green wire looks to just be running thru the harmess but he cut it and then twisted it back together but also cu the light green wire and twisted it bsck to the light green wire but he had them taped together

    I guess my question is. Why are these cut. And can i solder them to to same color wire heat shrink them and finish what im doing and then rewrap the hsrness. Also what is that plug for and what are the two wires for?
    I know this is very hard to understand im trying fo do my best. Im going to take a pic of the plug and post it below

    The previous owner might have installed a turbo/vtech timer..

    Best way to find out is get a manual for your car.. see what three-wire sensor has those wire colors.


      what ^ said.. and I'm pretty sure if you search here or maybe clubintegra there is a wiring diagram posted I know I have seen it in the last couple weeks myself


        The only thing I see listed in my Haynes manual for a 90-91 DA that is three wires with those colors, is the Throttle Position Sensor, but the wire colors dont match exactly what you said.

        They are as follows:

        The diagram shows that the Green/White wire also ties into the Intake Air Temp Sensor and the Engine Coolant Temp Sensor.

        The plug does look like a TPS plug though.


          Thanks for the imput guys. Im still got that situation figured out. Now im running into empty plugs. Going to buy a manual tomaro and can hopfully get this thing ready juat waiting on hush performance to hurry up and get the hydro conversions done and shipped and also waiting on walbro to ge here