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  • CODE 8 help

    hey guys my car started throwing a code 8. when the cel is on witht his code vtec doesnt hit. then yesterday on my way home form work it started misfiring and running like crap. would replacing the §§§§§ fix this or is there something else?

    thanks for the help

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    Well a code 8 is a timing related code. The computer detected a fault from the TDC sensor or Top Dead Center sensor. I would check all of the components related to your timing system visually. Ensure all your timing marks are lined up properly, ensure your timing belt hasn't jumped any teeth, if you have your valve cover off make sure your camshafts are in the right position in relation to TDC. (5mm punches are facing up on the camshafts). When I use the term TDC I mean top dead center with relation to cylinder #1.

    I'd start troubleshooting on your TDC Sensor before replacing it. The TDC sensor determines ignition timing at start-up (cranking) and when crank angle is abnormal. It's physically located inside of your distributor housing. That being said, you can actually only test your 8-pin harness.

    Start with performing the ECM relearn procedure. Remove the Back Up fuse (7.5 Amps) from the fuse box under the hood on the passenger side for 10-15 seconds.

    Then, disconnect the 8-pin connector from the distributor.
    | |F|G|H|

    That's your pin out with the plug facing you, retention clip on the top.

    Test terminals C & G with a multimeter on the resistance (Ohms) setting. They are right on top of each other and the third column from the left. Serviceable limits are 350-700 ohms. If not replace the distributor sub-assembly. Also check for ground on each C & G pin.

    See if that helps.
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      I checked it over and cannot see any obvious signs of a timing issue without tearing it apart. i replaced the distributor and still misfires.


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        you need to check mechanical timing after replacing a distributor... make sure the distributor is centered, then jump the ECU and verify mechqnical timing. once this is done reset the ECU and do an idle re-learn.


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          That would be ign. timing when replacing the distributor assembly, mechanical timing is the valve timing, that should also be checked with or without a new distributor, a skipped timing belt is fairly common on older Honda/Acura especially if it is still using the original belt tensioner. 94


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            I have this code after swapping in a b20b. I used the same §§§§§ from my LS, and same Ecuador. I don't know where this code could've come from. Do I just need to use a timing light and adjust accordingly?