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    temp gauge ..

    So i recently did a bypass on a bunch of vaccuum hoses & replaced my heater inlet/outlet hose and my car has been sitting for a week. Previously it overheated & i saved it before i blew the headgasket (leak in a hose causing depressurized cooling system and coolant loss)

    Now my temp gauge doesnt work. The gauge itself works because when i turn the key all my cluster lights turn on, the other gauges work, and the needle for the temp gauge twitches.....HOWEVER it doesnt rise as i get to operating temp.

    The cooling fan turns on (this means the car knows its at operating temp just the gauge isnt reading it), i have no leaks in cooling system, a new radiator, and new 1.3bar rad cap and it is staying pressurized.

    Is this a bad connection ? A stuck needle ? Temp sensor ? Thermostat ?

    Other info that may be relevant:
    *thermostat was replaced 4months ago & has a failsafe so if it fails remains open
    *i have a curcular burn mark at the bottom center of my full size single core radiator (not sure what this is from)

    This is my daily and i need the temp gauge to make sure i dont overheat and blow a headgasket.

    90 LS Da9 integra, stock b18a1 w/bolt ons

    ECT Sending Unit bad, maybe?

    There are ways to test it.. think it's a simple OHM test. Google how to test a Honda ECT Sending Unit and I'm sure a how-to will pop up.


      Originally posted by unified112 View Post
      ECT Sending Unit bad, maybe?

      There are ways to test it.. think it's a simple OHM test. Google how to test a Honda ECT Sending Unit and I'm sure a how-to will pop up.
      Okay im at work now but ill take a look at the link soon


        okay so im almost positive its the ect sending unit ill have to look though because the car is at home...can anyone help me find a diagram ? i looked on and i couldnt find which diagram category it falls under to find a part # & location area


          The link gave Location and Description.

          Location: Located on the distributor side of the cylinder head.

          Details: 1) This sending unit is a small unit with a single pin connector protruding. This pin is similar in shape and size to a headphone jack.

          But, the part is here:

          Part# 30 on the illustration.

          They're the same for ALL Integrals, NSX, TL, CL, and a few other cars.


            Ahh thanks bro, thats what i was looking for. Im gonna do an ohm test & clean it, if it doesnt fix the problem & reads that its faulty ill have to order it. Thats why i wanted the diagram lol.

            Much appreciated


              Okay so its definitley my ECT sending unit ! I checked & the wire wasnt even plugged into the sensor, BUT the plastic connecter is cracked in half so i need a new one .. is that something i can get at advance or do i half to order that from honda ?

              Going to advance now, will update soon


                okay so advance didnt have the part but its a dealer only part ... im looking on one of the diagrams and cant find the connector .. i know the sensor is part #30 in the above diagram but i cant find the plastic connector for the sensor which is the part i need.

                any help is appreciated

                ill probably go to acura tomorrow if i cant find it


                  The connector is part of the harness.. doubtful that they'll have the connector available.


                    Dang .. so itd be best to go to the junkayrd & splice a harness from there to the wire correct ?


                      As much as I hate to see a harness cut for that one sensor, that's prettymuch your only option.

                      I don't know what your local Honda scene is like, but if you have buddies or acquaintances you might be able to find someone with a trashed harness that can clip that connector off for you.


                        Yah i agree but id rather just splice the sensor instead of put a new harness in because mine was already pretty hacked from the previous owner.

                        And im in tampa so the Honda scene is pretty big here. Dyou know What other cars have a compatible sensor connector or does it specifically have to be a DA ?


                          I got ya, I wasn't saying to swap the entire harness..just saying I hate the idea of trashing a harness for a plug as harnesses are becoming harder and harder to find.

                          Any '90-00 Integra, Vigor, CL, RL, NSX, Civic...


                            Thanks, i appreciate it bro. Ill update soon


                              Unified was right, only the whole harness not the connector is available from the dealer & the harness was noted as *may have been discontinued* .. however a friend had his DA totaled so i may be able to get it off him & if not ill get it from one of the above mentioned cars at the junkyard