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a/c Lines 90 integra db1

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  • a/c Lines 90 integra db1

    I have a 1990 acura intgra rs (db1) that has no a/c. I'm able to buy a compressor and condinsor but I cannt find any a/c line for a 90 integra. I heard that I can have a auto part store make all of my a/c lines. I live in vegas and in 2 more moths it will be summer. Can someone give me some advise. Can a auto part store make me some new a/c line? Measurements for a/c lines.

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    Unlikely that a "parts store" will be able to make them.

    The only place that comes to mind is somewhere that does heat/ac systems. But even if they can, I don't see it being cheap.

    It would be easier and cheaper to find someone selling them.

    As far as measurements, the closest you're gonna get is a diagram like this:


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      maybe delsol are close to same? I have all those laying around.


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        Just go to the salvage yard.


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          Ditto the above^^^ PicknPull is your friend, find a 90 Integra with A/C and pull everything, that you can not buy new.

          Go to punch up[ your car find pars you need, then find a cooling depot retailer, [auto parts store] and order the parts.
          Performace rad will have trhe evaporator. 94