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  • The AC Line Tuck Thread

    not sure if anyone has done this yet. if not, i would like to neil armstrong the project. the only issue i have is that i have NO idea what im doing =\

    what i would like to do in this thread is document the cost of EVERYTHING down to the pennies so that future people can come in here and just look at my list and order my list and that will basically be like an ac delete kit. at the end of this there will also be a prep and install write up. hopefully this can be a mod along the line of a wire tuck in the sense of how common it is.

    who says that a sexy engine bay cant have ac AND ps?

    there are so many different fittings and in different sizes. no idea what i need. hopefully some of the seasoned people on here will be able to help me on this. i will be doing this in stages seeing how the fittings and feet of lines are stupid expensive. so hopefully this thread will be a good place to learn some stuff about this whole process.

    my biggest question is, will changing the lines to ss braid change the temps that my ac will blow at? as in, will it blow colder or not as cold? i plan insulating the lines somehow when i go for final install to help with it.

    has anyone actually done something like this before?

    before anyone says that this is stupid or something like that, heres a disclaimer:
    ......i dont care......

    i plan on trying to do something like this with the ps lines as well if possible. so...... i guess the first step would be trying to figure out roughly how much feet of line i will need and what fittings i will need.

    this is where i am getting all my stuff from unless someone has a better idea.

    also looking at this. im still not exactly sure if i could use this in a car or not. the sizes are similar and i have aeroquip lines on my fd for my oil coolers but idk if this is the same stuff or not..
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    Not of much help, not sure how the lines would change anything or not. But I would suggest finding a hose/fitting supplier in your local industrial area. The supplies are much cheaper than jegs.


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      Fittings like these are not going to be found anywhere here. I'll bet anything on it. If you can find a local source for these in your area please let me know. We can work something out.


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        Where are you at? There is one a couple blocks away from my work, I get all my stuff there. They are called "timco" there are a couple more too, I'm pretty sure. Oh, did not even see the location bro. Hahaha, makes a little more since now I suppose.


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          lol yea... my options are limited... so you can get the fittings and stuff locally for less?


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            Yeah, they are priced well. They don't have the fancy colors or anything like that tho, not sure if you want that or not. They have brass, aluminum, and I think stainless but would have to double check. I would just need a list then I could see what its gonna cost.


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              i was gonna have an a/c shop do my line tuck since they have the ability to make custom lines..was gonna run it behind the bumper, through the fender and then have to make some sort of hole to get it inside the car..


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                Originally posted by dlo253 View Post
                Yeah, they are priced well. They don't have the fancy colors or anything like that tho, not sure if you want that or not. They have brass, aluminum, and I think stainless but would have to double check. I would just need a list then I could see what its gonna cost.
                Thats fine, i dont need any of that blue red stuff. Just so long as it works. The main issue is, how would i know what size to get? On the jegs site they have -6 -7 -8 and so on. And what about the thread pitch? Im going to need fitting for the ac compressor and the condensor.

                As far as the angles go, i think i got that figured out but thread pitch and size is my main concern.


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                  I figured as much, just thought I'd make sure we're on the same page. That's what you will need to find out.. Just need to know the size of the current line, to figure out the AN fitting/hose size. On some of them I'm sure you will probly have to get a couple fittings together to get exactly what you need. Not sure how you would figure that out where you were at though... Or if you have some calipers you can easily find out.


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                    calipers? like brake calipers?

                    i can get the outer diameter of the ac lines with a micrometer but i dont think that would do us any good. there may be someone out there that has some ac lines laying around that they can measure up for us.

                    what do you mean i will have to get a couple fitting together to get what i need? the number of fittings i will need is 6 i think, not including the fittings for the servicing ports. 2 for the drier, 2 for the firewall, 1 for the compressor and 1 for the condenser. so then i think it would be 8 including the 2 for the servicing ports. then a bunch of feet of line.

                    is that correct or are there more spots that would need a fitting?


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                      No, calipers. As in a measuring device. to measure the thread size and pitch.

                      The ID is more important, so you know what size AN line you will need.

                      What I meant by you may need a couple fittings is this: I'm not positive they will have exactly what you need. Say you needed 14x1.0 to -6AN.. (just making those up btw), they may not have a direct fitting, you may need a 14x1.0 to 1/8 bsp, then 1/8 bsp to -6. Something along those lines, not totally sure, but would not be surprised, ya know?

                      Not sure, if you get the AC line ID, and fitting sizes that are already on the car, we can figure it out. I have no AC components or else I would check


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                        Best bet is to use pre-made aluminum lines and bend them yourself, they are relatively inexpensive and small in diameter compared to A/C barrier hose or SS A/C lines and much easier to use,

                        You will still need rubber lines off the compressor to allow for engine movement, but I would just use the compressor suction and discharge lines for that and modify the ends if needed, but you should not have to.


                        This is what we use, Airwolfe Auto Air Conditioning] when we do tucks on hot rods and custom cars.

                        You will also need service ports...

                        Although more expensive but easier for tucking is the EZ Clip system...