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Will go into gear while the car is off, but wont when the car is on

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  • Will go into gear while the car is off, but wont when the car is on

    G2IC.... i have another situation revolving around my horrific never ending story of a blown trans..


    Used transmission
    Used Intermediate Shaft
    New Competition Clutch Stage 1 Clutch Kit
    New Competition Clutch LWFW
    New OEM Clutch Cable
    Valvoline SAE 30 Motor Oil (used in mind for MTF to run for 2k miles and drop then replace w/ Honda MTF)
    New OE Style (GSP) Axles

    Now that the replacement parts are's the scenario. The guy/friend i have working on it has informed me that when the car is off (also when the car was still on jackstands) the car shifted fine. but he went to shift while the car was on and the car was off jackstands, it wouldnt shift. He turned the car off, put it in reverse backed up and it wouldnt come out of reverse. He's said that he's adjusted the clutch cable, pretty much all the way tight, i believe and loose and it still acts the same way. Through some google search, i've found that some have said that it's a clutch related problem, one has said that the springs in the clutch disc have come out while another has mentioned the clutch disc actually being installed backwards.

    Has anyone ran into this problem recently and come up w/ a solution? I'm trying to get some other ideas, if possible that coule be going on in this situation that could help him, help me get my beloved car back sooner than later.

    Thanks in advance

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    Change the cluch disc and see what happens,
    What are you're friends qualifications?


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      With the car off, put the trans in 1st gear.

      Press the clutch pedal, and attempt to start the car..

      If the car surges forward, the clutch is not dis-engaging properly.... Which can be caused by a bad clutch cable, an improperly installed throwout bearing or return-spring, or improperly installed clutch disc.

      Naturally, a buggard transmission will cause this also.

      Another way to test this is (with the car off) to put the trans in 1st gear... Have a buddy pull the arm that the clutch cable connects to, and roll the car forward. This is ruling out the actual clutch cable.. it is a pain to manually pull the arm, but it can be done. The car should roll forward when the arm is fully pulled. If it doesn't, the clutch is not properly disengaging.


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        thanks i will let him know of this. i'm almost certain it's clutch and not trans related now off of everything i've been reading and researching...i really hope it's not a transmission, this situation has already taken me out of my loop in more ways than one


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          i just asked him about the car bucking/jumping while starting w/ the car in gear, he said it does to he's going to triple check the cable adjustment before pulling the transmission


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            well the transmission has been dropped all the parts and part numbers are SHOWING to be for the right transmission which is a 90-91...he says it looked like the clutch was possibly sticking to the flywheel (I THINK) or maybe it was pressure plate..i cant remember.

            he said the release bearing looked good...i mean what do you guys recommend, replacing the release bearing?!? it is a brand new release bearing. here's a little piece of info, the transmission was sitting up, could build up on the input shaft that the clutch slides onto cause the clutch disc to do what it's doing?? i mentioned maybe wire brushing it and putting a little bit of grease on the shaft and work the clutch back and forth on it and maybe it'll smooth out if it's sticking.

            some help would be VERY!!! HELPFUL!!!


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              with more in depth searching, broad searching even, i went to google about my problem and ran across this intriguing thread which just so happened to be mainily about competition clutch kits:


              cliff notes: many have had issues w/ competition clutches w/ my same symptoms. Has anyone else had issues w/ their competition clutch kits? i dont think i had my maxima long enough to run into this problem, but then again, it did work as soon as i got it from the mechanic shop. anyone?!?!?