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Which O2 sensor to use?

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  • Which O2 sensor to use?

    Okay so i want to replace my O2 sensor on my db2 but im debating on which one to use. I tend to use mostly OEM dealer parts on my car when it comes to maintenance. I called up the local Acura dealers and they are all quoting me $300 dollars for an O2 sensor. Autozone and Oreilly's have "Bosh" O2 sensors for about $65. Another local parts store has a sensor for about $60 brand : Denso.

    I also found another sensor online that states its a direct OEM replacement from Acura for about $200.

    My question is, does it really matter which brand i use?? I really do not want to spend 300 on a sensor. Are there any other O2 sensors you guys recommend that are OEM?



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    You can get an OEM one from for about $240. I thought I needed a new one years and years and years ago and usually get OEM parts but couldn't stomach the price so I got a Bosch, it's been fine for many years and at least 50-80k miles. Quick google search shows that people seem to prefer the Denso over Bosch, but like I said, my experience has been good w/ the Bosch.
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      They have denso ones on for about $30 and it comes with the OE style connector so you don't have to deal with the universal style connectors. Also denso is who makes the o2 sensors for Honda.


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        I went with a denso o2 sensor with oe plug I found NIB on fleabay for like 25 bucks shipped. Works great and have had 0 issues since installing it