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    Ok so my transmission went out completely last weekend an now i found a used transmission out of a 90 integra don't know the model the guy said it has 145xxx miles but my ? Is the guy told me the engine blew an i was wondering if the engine blew wouldt that effect the transmission in anyway an if so what should i look for an also how would i check to see if the transmission any good im new to this so plz take it easy on me

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    It depends on what the engine failed from. If it was over revved, the bearings could be bad.

    The main thing to look for if you're not opening it is play in the shaft, it shouldn't wobble.

    Someone else might have some tricks, but that's all I know to do without opening it up.


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      Ditto the above ^^^, without opening it up that is about all you can do.

      Because of the work involved in installing a transmission, i would take it to a transmission shop and have thewm inspect it, [unless you know how to do that yourself]. 94


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        Ive read up on it but i wouldn't trust myself doing it an how bad would it be if the bearing went out