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Bear fight to get into Reverse

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  • Bear fight to get into Reverse

    I just put this transmission in about a month ago and now it is near impossible to get it into Reverse and a small battle for 5th. At first I thought it was the rod from the shifter to the transmission but I finally ruled that out last night while underneath the car. I had the rod dropped from the shifter and I was able to get into 1-4 fine and I had to fight for 5th and I could not get it into Reverse from under the car. When I put the tranny in all gears worked but 5th & Reverse were a little harder to get into but now it is near impossible

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    Was this a good working transmission or random one with no known history?


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      Random, I had to ship it in from PA- at the time, no one in FL was willing to separate the tranny from the motor.


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        My first b16 swap had issues like yours. It didn't have 5th or reverse at all. After a few months of driving reverse worked randomly. Then a few months later you could sometimes find 5th. As soon as you gave it gas it would pop out of 5th and had to be held in by the shifter with your hand to keep it there. Turned out to be a shit transmission.


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          Probly won't be as lucky as I got... but when I first got my DB2 it would always pop out of 5th and was a bitch to get into reverse. Ended up being a loose bolt on the tranny mount.