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code 43 and 1 died on highway

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  • code 43 and 1 died on highway

    went out for memorial weekend camping left at 3 it was pretty hot had no issue til i almost got there when i was driving it steady it was fine when i press gas a little more going uphill had no power at all had to maintain my steady speed to keep up with my dad then the power got worse where i had to pull over a few times had it towed for 20 miles to nearest town to see if fuel pump cools down and start working again and it did so i drove it again then 40 miles later same thing had to maintain my speed no power went from 4000rpm to 2000 so had to pull over again so towed it again lol to another nearest town so dad can get some gas for his boat stopped for a while to eat and to let the car cool odwn more i was like 30-40 miles to go so decided to drive again no issues at all and on the way back with my bro and his co worker we decided to go at late night when its cooler the car runs beautifully passed his rhd hatch with b16a going up hill we made it home without any issue
    when we were on our way to the lake it threw code 43 and 1 i ve had 43 for a while since i got the car so hard for me to tell which it is the 02 sensor or fuel system had my dad bought me new fuel pump to put it in at the camp but didnt cause i had strong feeling its not fuel pump cause the pump is fairly new about 4 months old
    from amazon the car was turbo'd by previous owner they might hacked the 02 sensor wire at the ecu????? not sure if its the problem its confusing me fuel pump, filter, injectors kit (o rings basket filters) if the 02 sensor fails will i die on highway? the 02 sensor is also faily new too about a yr old btw i have 0bd0 b20b with one 02 sensor sorry for long post i just wanted to get this issue fixed and to get rid of annoying code 43 too lol

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    code 43 relates to a fuel system issue... generally it is the o2 sensor, but could also be related to the fuel pump... being this happened while the car is at operating temps I while carrying a load on the motor I would be suspect of the o2 sensor or quite possibly the main relay...

    Main relay may have stressed solder points which are failing with greater temps...

    o2 sensor would be more indicative by the car not wanting to restart after sitting for 10-20 minutes after reaching operating temps.


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      i checked and resoldered the main relay last summer too cause i had no crank issue in the hot day