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HELP!!! pinging, boggIing, sputtering, started last night on my drive home

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  • HELP!!! pinging, boggIing, sputtering, started last night on my drive home

    so i got out of the DSM world and into the Honda world.

    I DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING about auto mechanics.... Im a chef not a mechanic so please be patient with my nubish way of saying things i don'tw have any idea what i am talking about...

    now that that's out there

    I traded my 2g Talon for a 91 teg GS? i think supposedly has a rebuilt block but i honestly don't know.

    Last night i was driving home from work down 495 in new England and my car started sputtering really badly, I threw it in neutral and it dropped down to like 300 rpms and seemed like it was going to just die. I got off the highway and it started to get really bad, i had to feather the gas to keep the car going. i made it home and when i pulled into my parking spot and it just died... the car starts right back up but now its pinging/ticking very bad... I am thinking its the timing but i wanted a little advice before i got it towed to the shop tomorrow. is there anything i can check at home? I got away from the DSM because i wanted something reliable that can get me to work and back with no problems and i chose the Honda...

    This is my only car and my only way of getting to work every day. moneys kinda tight right now i just want to get this thing running and stable
    Thanks for any input and help you guys can offer.

    I have a video sound bit but i dont know how to upload it from my phone

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    if the timing belt is really worn it is possible it has skipped a tooth on the cam gear & would cause this issue.

    no easy way to say it, but you are going to have to have a nechanic pull your valve cover and verify cam gears line up properly, check mechanical timing...

    If you rule that out, it could also be a failing coil unit in the distributor ( another known source of firing issues)

    verify mechanical timing is ok, then post back.