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90 GS A/C Issue

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  • 90 GS A/C Issue

    So I have a 1990 Integra GS. My ac was working just fine the other day until i got in the car one night and noticed that my cluster lights, interior lights,and rear tail lights weren't working. I checked my fuses under the dash and found my fuse #11 was blown. Threw another one in and blew instantly when i tried turning my lights on. I also realized that my ac was not blowing cold, or rather the compressor was not kicking on when i hit the ac button in the car. So after some troubleshooting i found out that my stereo that i removed a few days prior had some open wires on it which was causing a short and my fuse #11 to blow for my cluster lights and tail lights. I covered up the bare wires in electrical tape and replaced #11 fuse and now my lights are working accordingly, however my ac compressor is still not enraging when i hit the button. I checked the fuse for the ac which should be #20 and it is not blown. My green light still comes on the ac button when i press it, and i even tried changing fuse #20 with a new 15amp and still no ac. I'm kind of at a loss of what to check for next, or what the issue could be.

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    I'd start by following the troubleshooting procedure in your Helms manual. Chapter 22 (AC) has an outline of the procedure.
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      Might just be a coincidence. Or a relay?