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steering responsiveness issue. after alignment

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  • steering responsiveness issue. after alignment

    hello, on my current integra that i bought dec 17, i had to get tires replaced, that came on the car due to excessive camber wear which resulted in blow out., the used set i bought were bigger than the ones that were on it when purchased. so had to adjust coil spring sleeves, and then had a mechanic friend put tires on, also had him look over the rest of the front end steering/suspension and rear components too. while he aligned the wheels, he had to do a lot of adjustments to both rear n front as it was really out of whack. he also removed n replaced a broken mounting bolt on the steering gearbox, discovered i need to in short replace every bushing in the front end, due age, condition or because some were missing.

    after he did the best hecould witb it . on thedrive home .i noticed that the steering response had drastically changed from before alignment to what it was after
    before felt reacted typical or normal.
    after it was extremely too sensitive or overly responsive.