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  • help identifying plugs

    *Mobile is cutting off the post

    I started my DA project 9 years ago, starting with a wire tuck. Long story short, I finally have an area to work on completing the DA. With that said the ink on my tags faded and not sure on these two plugs.

    This is a 92 LS with A/C that has been deleted. The square six pin I know connected to the A/C subharness, but Im not sure if controlled the radiator fan also. If thats the case, whats the round one with y/grn y/blk?

    in the end Im looking for the radiator fan wires to hook up the slim fan. Im assuming its the round one but hoping to get confirmation.
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    *Mobile is cutting off the post.


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      is it just a fan switch and the connector that plugs into the AC pump? Where are they located?