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Condenser fan not working

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  • Condenser fan not working

    I've recently converted my AC to R134 and its working great other than the fact that my condenser fan will not come on. The radiator fan comes on with the AC but in this Texas heat I need both fans. I have a new fan that I hot wired before installing so i know its good. I swapped the relay with the AC clutch and that is good. I have 13 volts on 1 pin and a fluctuating 15 to 25 ohm ground on the other. That doesn't seem to be a good ground to me. I believe it should be less than 1 ohm ideally. I honestly don't understand the wiring enough to troubleshoot any further. I have been staring at the Helms wiring diagram for days trying to make sense of this. I believe when you turn on the AC, the ECU should supply the ground right? If so, 15 to 25 ohms of ground isn't enough right? The manual just shows the condenser fan ground going to a joint connector and doesn't detail its path any further. Any help would be appreciated. The AC is blowing cold when cruising down the road. I don't know what else to do other than re wire the fan to the rear defroster switch since i had to scrape that off and it doesn't work anyway.