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Power Steering Problem

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    Power Steering Problem

    I just had a Engine Swap because my previous engine had burned out (me being irresponsible) anyways when i drove my car off the lot i had noticed that the steering was very stiff. I went back and told the mechanics that my power steering oil was low. They then refill my Power Steering with Automatic Transmission oil. I found it to be really bizarre. Anyways that fixed the problem but then the morning after the oil seem to have decreased. Everytime i fill it up it keeps going down the next day. It really *explicit* me off because i dont know what to do. Anyways i would obviously assume its a leak but i check the bottom of the car and there is no oil spilling anywhere. I wouldn't want to imagine all the Power steering oil i have been depositing is building up somewhere in my car. Thats a scary thought for sure. If anybody has tips or advice please share them. thank you

    First off whomever poured ATF in there is a freakin retard.
    Pure ignorance is what it is.
    Whoever did the swap f*#ked up and either loosened,cut or snagged one of the power steering lines. Obviously they did not know what they were doing, becase you can remove the power steering belt, unbolt the pump from the bracket and move it to the side verry easily. That way when the new motor goes in it can be put back with the lines still attached without any issues.

    Whatever you do don't trust the same guy to fix it. I got burned a few times in similar circumstances, thus I baught a few tools and manuals and can do 95% of my own work including engine swaps. Its awesome knowing you can buy a $40 dollar part and install it in an hour and save over $100 in the process.

    As for fixing it.
    Look for a leak, I guarentee there is one, there is no place for the fluid to go other than spraying out of a damaged hose or loose connection.

    Start by degreasing and cleaning your engine bay, that way you can find the fluid easier. Also you could put some dark food coloring in the fluid resivor to make the leak more visable.
    If you can't find the leak then the car will need to be put on jackstands or a lift.
    Then fresh power steering fluid (only use genuine Honda fluid from a dealer) needs to be poured in, and with the motor running the steering wheel needs to be turned (so the pump is pumping) back and forth while someone looks for the leak.

    One tip, don't use "Stop Leak" or any other type of a fix in a bottle, they are just band aide fixes that work for a temporary period of time.

    Good luck, sounds like you need it.


      Well thank you very much for the solution. I will go on and do just that. Im telling you, when u live in a dog eat dog world its bound to get dirty. Never trust mechanics unless they are certified.