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"It Doesn't Turn over" - Definition

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    "It Doesn't Turn over" - Definition


    OK, Every other "won't start" thread I see on here starts with "It Doesn't turn over", but then upon further reading, it turns out the car cranks but doesn't start.

    When an engine "Doesn't turn over" it means that when you turn the key, nothing happens. the motor doesn't go "chi-chi-chi-chi",

    Maybe it clicks, Smoke comes out, a little computerized voice comes out and yells "H3LL NO!", or maybe even a little light comes on in the dash with a picture of a hand shooting a bird, but the important part is THEN ENGINE DOES NOT TURN.

    If you turn the key, and the motor TURNS, but does not start, then please don't put "It doesn't Turn over". That makes a WORLD of difference in trying to figure out what is wrong with the car.

    If it TRULY does not turn over, then there is a problem with the Starting system (Battery, Ignition, Starter, etc)

    If it DOES turn over, but doesn't start, then it is a problem with the Ignition or fuel delivery system (coil, distributor, Sensors, ECM, Fuel Pump, etc)

    two TOTALLY different problems



    its about time somebody cleared that up.

    shit is always confusing me


      This would help those threads out if the people posting them would/could actually READ.