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transmission shuttering between 2nd and 3rd

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    lmfao, sucks for this guy... my mounts are bad too, and i was all up on that search button, found this this and it was hilarious

    PS: quit being such pussys and saying things so nicely lol!!! if somones stupid-TELL THEM THEY SUCK!!!


      I always find that going straight to the search button if any are always the best thing to do or at least u wont get flame if u dont know wtf u doing u know. I also like to pinpoint my own problem and learn as i go from others input etc. Some people are just either too lazy to search or want someone to respond as if its a live chat support thing lol......

      Depending how u type what u need to search for in the archive section becoz u will never get any results in the recent section so ur best bet is try the archive.

      example; if u are looking for something related to IDLE PROBLEM
      then dont just type in idle problem, more like try these also

      Idle jump, Jumping Idle, High Idle, Bouncing Tach, Bouncing Idle, Rough Idle, Weird Idle etc u will yeild more result rather that getting ur ass flame anyway lol but good luck to whom it may concern. Newbies!!!!!!!


        wow some one seems a little butt hurt i didnt try to blame anyone.i knew it wasnt axles so i asked for other input and this is the second tranny this car has had and i get all the fluids flushed once a year and check them as needed.and if i could direct you all who say to search to my first post then u would see i did search.also i was trying to gather more info if u noticed that i was asking for what else it might u wanna get all pissy and call names like just about every other socalled "og" member or asshole then you go right ahead.