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How do i remove the VSS (Vehicle Speed sensor)

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    How do i remove the VSS (Vehicle Speed sensor)

    Just as it says,

    I swapped in a B16A into my da.

    Now I need a clutch so im droppin the tranny...

    Did the swap, but I havent ever done a clutch job.

    So this is my question thrread...

    its still in the car also...

    Following the haynes manual...

    First question....

    How do i remove the VSS (Vehicle Speed sensor)
    Without removing the hoses etc.....

    I pulled the VSS line out but I need the assembly out of the tranny....


    remove the screw that holds it to the trans, pull it out. finish rest of work to change clutch.


      Just be vary careful with the VSS hold down & bolt. These are known to be kind of fragile.

      Just some things to think about in case you haven't already. It is recommended to have your flywheel resurfaced before installing a new clutch. Clean it once it is back in with brake clean to remove dirt, etc....

      There are also a couple over-looked parts that are fairly cheap, and a good idea to replace while you are in there. IE - clutch fork return spring, and pilot bearing. Neither of these come with "standard" clutch kits so get them from Acura or an online order site.