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How do i remove the VSS (Vehicle Speed sensor)

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  • Wraith
    Just be vary careful with the VSS hold down & bolt. These are known to be kind of fragile.

    Just some things to think about in case you haven't already. It is recommended to have your flywheel resurfaced before installing a new clutch. Clean it once it is back in with brake clean to remove dirt, etc....

    There are also a couple over-looked parts that are fairly cheap, and a good idea to replace while you are in there. IE - clutch fork return spring, and pilot bearing. Neither of these come with "standard" clutch kits so get them from Acura or an online order site.

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  • Speeddaddy
    remove the screw that holds it to the trans, pull it out. finish rest of work to change clutch.

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  • 90DA-Pedro
    started a topic How do i remove the VSS (Vehicle Speed sensor)

    How do i remove the VSS (Vehicle Speed sensor)

    Just as it says,

    I swapped in a B16A into my da.

    Now I need a clutch so im droppin the tranny...

    Did the swap, but I havent ever done a clutch job.

    So this is my question thrread...

    its still in the car also...

    Following the haynes manual...

    First question....

    How do i remove the VSS (Vehicle Speed sensor)
    Without removing the hoses etc.....

    I pulled the VSS line out but I need the assembly out of the tranny....