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What do I do now (cyl. head change)

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  • Wraith
    You will probably never know for sure what caused it, but proper maintenance should keep your engine running good. This includes changing your t-belt on a regular basis too. If your belt breaks, skips timing, etc, you could have a lot worse than a burnt valve.

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    Guest started a topic What do I do now (cyl. head change)

    What do I do now (cyl. head change)

    About two months ago I burnt a valve and lost all compression in my number 2 cylinder. My car had been consuming a quart of oil every 500 miles before this happened. I had comp. tests of 143-26-140-145psi. Ouch right! I opened her up to find my timing belt had skipped two teeth on the ex. cam gear and one tooth on the intake cam at some point in time.

    Well everything else inside looked good so I replaced the head with a milled used one. I replaced the timing belt, piston rings and rod bearings and put it back together. Now its running good, timed perfect, and showed comp. tests of 162-160-163-165psi.

    My question is what is it that caused my valve to burn and what should i do so that it doesn't happen again?