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Question about "Dashpot" and "Air boost Valve"

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  • Question about "Dashpot" and "Air boost Valve"

    Hey guys, my car is a 92 LS and it has a supposedly OBDI B20B swap w/ an "A1" tranny. I have to do further investigation do verify.

    I have a question, do I need the dashpot and air boost valves? I tried removing the dashpot, but it hooks up to the throttle body. I want to know if there's a easy way of unhooking it? I don't want to break anything. A picture is attached for easier understanding.

    Can I remove both valves from my car?

    P.S.: What tranny is the "A1"?

    Thanks in advance for the help.

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    Dashpot is not needed or both dont need to be on. If u remove the air boost valve u might need to reroute the hose to another port on the intake manifold or cap it off then just plate it off.

    to remove the dashpot there are two little screw that screws to the tb Simple to remove by looking at it. Also it is hooked onto the bracket with a 12mm i think. Removal and install screws back so u wont lose it.

    A1 is usually found on usdm 90-91 acura integra.

    I have a 1991 rs and my ls tranny was Label A1.


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      Thanks Riccy. I tried to remove the dashpot earlier (removed the 2 phillips bolts), but it hangs on the throttle body with a hook and a clear plastic spacer.

      Can I just break this plastic bracket and remove the dashpot?

      PS: No wonder the gearings are so long. I had a B20b/S4c (99 si) tranny and it was short as hell!


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        You can break it , but dont take shortcut, unless u dont really gonna need it period for smog or going stock when u sell.

        Dont break anything and i know what u mean by snapping it off the white plastic in the hole. If u can take if out without breaking the white plastic then yea, but i try before and it is old plastic so it breaks.

        Though if it breaks and u just put it in it wont hold sometimes engine vibration it will come out. Just remove the 12mm nut on the bracket TB (plate) where it is hooked up to and carefully remove it's own plate follow by washers and then reinstall the bolt/nut washer back. You can use an extra thin washer if u have it around to fill in the space since u moved the plate bracket otherwise without one will still be fine.

        Yea ls tranny are long i know. Good thing i have a b16 cable with my ls 5th gear in now.



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          I'll try that tomorrow Rick. Thanks again man!

          I'm in Iowa, no smog/emissions required, I'll just take off the whole assembly.

          I had that same tranny set up. I love the highway cruising (70mph) at only 3120rpm, compared to 4000 rpm on the stock B16's.


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            Major thread bump lol I just picked up a 91 GS and I have this dashpot and Air Boost Valve that just looks ugly as hell, good to know after looking aroun seems like its fine to just remove it and block it off although some say it may cause your car to randomly stall at stops which I don't see how that's possible . Lol