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  • FF Type 1 issues

    Hi, I'm Zach. Long time lurker/searcher, finally registered. Anyway...

    I installed FF Type 1s on my 92 Integra, and, well, they suck. And I haven't even driven on them.

    I installed them at max ride height (1" of thread engagement into the lower mount). I did this so I wouldn't have to worry about having less than that 1" of minimum thread engagement.

    This set the ride height of the front to 25.75 inches, measured from the floor to the top of the wheel arch, which, judging by the fender gap, is higher than stock.

    The rear right height was at 24 inches, measured the same way. I'll try to attach a pic, but being a new member, I don't know if it'll let me.

    I was able to lower the front to level the car, however the fronts are almost bottomed out, and the rears are still maxed.

    After two days of email and phone tag, FF is still telling me this kit, which will allow me to raise the front, and/or lower the rear, is the correct kit for my car...

    Anyone else running FF1s have this problem?

    Thanks in advance.

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    This was the last email exchange between myself and FF.

    Someone actually saw the 2" difference in the threads and said "yeah, that's right."
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      Wow, nothing.

      Here's an update for anyone that might care. I did some more research on the DA type 1s, and actually found a few posts where folks had mentioned their fronts were slammed and the rears maxed out to get a level ride height.

      I was able to level my car by making strut spacers to raise the rear (sorry, no pics).

      I spent a week playing email and phone tag with FF, and I finally got someone that understood that the front assembly is ~2" too long, or the rear assembly is ~2" too short. However, they wouldn't send me the parts to fix it, or exchange parts from my kit. But they would have been happy to sell me the top hat kit ($108) to lower the front, or longer shocks ($75 x2) to raise the rear. And despite the fact they're a coilover company, they couldn't understand that I bought them to have adjustable ride height instead of just lowering the car.

      He asked me if I could send pics of the car's stance, so I told him I'd send him pics of the front and rear maxed, the front slammed and the rear maxed (level-ish), and the front and rear slammed (pic below).
      That was a week ago and I haven't received a response.

      Anyway, I think the top hat kit should be installed on the kit from the factory. Replacement top mounts and 7" springs are $25 each, for $100 total, so the cost difference on their end would be negligible, but they'd probably add that $8 to the price anyway.

      IMO they're too incompetent to understand why the 2" ride height difference is an issue, or, they're aware of it, but won't fix it so they can sell more top hat kits which makes them shady af IMO. I'm guessing the latter.
      ride height.jpg