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looking for left lower control arm OEM equivalent

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  • looking for left lower control arm OEM equivalent

    I don't want any performance brand lower control arms. I just want the suspension parts stock as possible. Dealer doesn't carry these lower control arms nor do they carry the bushings for them. I ordered a Moog brand lower left from rockauto. When I installed it, the radius rod does not line up with the two holes on the Moog brand lower control arm. So I went to the nearest O'reillys and the "import direct" brand did NOT line up too!! Have any of you had these issues like this? These manufacturers are not making them OEM precise. I'm afraid of picking some up from NAPA auto or Autozone and get frustrated again. Someone please help where I can find some that fits. Thanks

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    NAPA services bushings for the front lower arm. Inner bushing is part# NCP 2673506. Shock fork bushing is part# KYB SM5210 or ATM 1032919. Also, OEMAcuraParts shows the outer/shock bushing is still available..... 51810-SK7-004.


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      Those holes on the LCA are REALLY tough to get to line up and I've struggled with them on stock arms. I wouldn't be surprised if the ones you tried are fine but the issue is just with getting it lined up properly. It can help to move the arm through it's range of motion until you find the sweet spot to line everything up.

      Also, I'm pretty sure Hardrace makes a full bushing kit now for DA's including the front LCA bushings.
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        That was going to be my other question, Colin.... lol. 91... Did you try putting it together with the radius rod loose, so you can move it.? Also, did you have the shock/fork installed, before you tried starting the bolts in the rod.? It would be easier to line up the bolts, if the arm was loose. I agree with Colin. Those things are not easy to get lined up, at all.

        A complete bushing kit is available from Hardrace for the DA/DB chassis. It runs $300. If you go to Hardrace's website, you can look up subkits for various arms. Then, just call the number at BuyHardrace, and he will usually rob them from a complete kit. I did that for my DB.... one or two subkits at a time. For the DA project, I'm ordering the single master kit.


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          I can easily install the original LCA onto the Radius rod. I installed the original just to let me know I'm not crazy. Its the aftermarket LCAs that are not made properly. Mind you I have went through 3 of them and all of them are not up to spec. Different name brands, Moog, Mevotech, and import direct.
          I went ahead and bought bushings for the original LCA. Thats the only way to go.