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Front strut bar and other suspension components

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  • Front strut bar and other suspension components

    Hello everyone I'm wanting to get a strut bar for my Integra and I was looking at the one from Password JDM its a 3 point piece that really cough my attention.
    I'm wondering if someone in here has one or something similar or even a regular strut to strut bar and how does it feel if it improves the ride significantly or not.

    I recently got the opportunity to purchase a set of MPC drop forks from a youtuber for a great price and he had them on his EK coupe.Unfortunately they are a little bit to big for my TOP SPEED PRO1 coilovers so I'm wondering if anyone has had this issue or heard of it.
    I am considering purchasing some Function and Form 2 coilovers because the ones I have are super old and fell like they are on there way out. I'm not sure if my set are a bit smaller where they mount to the forks compared to factory struts or if I may need to purchase some DC4 coilovers or what?
    Any info would be appreciated thanks!

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    The Neuspeed front strut bar was one of if not the first mod I made to my DA over 23 years ago and taking some curvy off ramps and windy roads the difference was definitely noticeable. EK and DA forks are not the same so you might want to change back or buy non-DA coilovers.