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  • Springs and struts

    Ok going to try this again I have a 91 and it has Tokiko blue struts with new speed yellow springs put them on the car in 1995. Time to up grade. Want to put on coil overs with Adjustable dampening struts. The car is driven on the road no track. I want a good Quality Product any one have any Suggestions.

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    How much do you want to spend? Good quality product isn't much to go off of. The famous setup for most of us has been the Koni Yellow/Tokico illumina and Ground Control combination. But if your car is going on track, there's about a couple thousand dollars worth of other suspension configurations you can do. One item to note on the Koni Yellow setup is that you're able to have the shocks revalved professionally to support your spring rate requirements and such, then add helper springs, swap out spring rates as you desire, etc.
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