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QC: Silchuk's Part Sale, Recaro, Enkei, Advan, DA parts and more!

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  • QC: Silchuk's Part Sale, Recaro, Enkei, Advan, DA parts and more!

    I am located in Sherbrooke, Quebec but I visit my girlfriend in the GTA on average once a month. I can ship at your expense or I can bring the part with me if you're not in a hurry. It depends on the part as I will not put aside parts I have huge interest in for you to not take it at the end.

    I CAN SHIP TO US but it's at your expense. We can sort out a method if you're interested in something. I'd rather not ship the bigger parts but hey, nothing's impossible.

    Price are in Canadian Dollars!

    By PM, Email ( or text (One-Eight-One-Nine,Five-Seven-Four,Eight-Zero-Three-Six)

    Please read the descriptions before inquiring about anything, thank you.

    -Sunroof Visor OEM without Hardware - 40$
    Fit Integra 90-93 with moonroof. It's still possible to find the mounting hardware, but i'd be faster and easier to have them made.

    -Adjustable Caster Bar set from 86-89 Honda Accord. - 125$
    Bought brand new at Honda, but a little rusted from storage.One rod is damaged from K20 Crank Pulley, hence low price.Bolt-On on 90-93 Integra front Sub-Frame, make Caster adjustable.

    -Lips OEM Integra 90-91 - 20$
    Tabs are good except two (see pictures) Duct Tape melted on it so need to be cleaned.

    -USDM Electric Mirrors with switch, Aztek Green (but sanded)- 60$
    Bonne condition, les couettes sur les mirroirs ne sont pas coupés. Ne viens pas avec le fillages de la switch!

    -Front seats Integra 90-93 - 20$
    Not teared but dirty from storage. There is not rails with them.



    -JDM One-Piece Headlights for Integra 90-93 - 125$ (LIRE DESCRIPTION)
    Left is fairly clean, Right is in pieces (see pic). Need Foglight assembly as the one I have doesn't ground properly.A polish on both lenses would be great too. Comes with pretty much everything to put the right light togheter.

    -Side Skirts and Rear Valence, Honda Accord 94-97, uncut. - 80$
    Used to make Integra 90-93 Sideskirts. One Uncut set in great shape. I give a cut set that was on my car and some pieces to make a Rear Valence too. So two sets.

    -Vibrant Ultra Quiet Resonator, 3" - 100$ 47" onclick=";return false;
    Brand New but didn't fit my car due to Shifter Box. Scratched from storage.

    -Magnaflow Race Muffler, 3" - 80$" onclick=";return false;
    Installed on the car, too loud so took it off. Was dumb so I hammered it to take it off....see picture (Weld still solid, and it's behind so not visible.)

    -Advan Touring Competition, 15x6.5 +43 4x100 - 500$ (VOIR DESCRIPTION ET PHOTOS)
    Started repainting them but still put them for sale. Center Caps sets are not included for that price.

    -Advan SA3R Blue/Grey Plates, condition 7/10 - 80$

    -Advan Touring Competition Coin/Clips set, condition 8/10 - 80$

    -Optional Lips Kit, Acura 1.7 EL - 450$
    Rear lips is not OEM. On Primer and comes with mounting hardware. Becoming fairly rare.

    Front lips has been repaired;

    Exhaust OEM Integra 2000 - 60$
    Was taken out to put an aftermarket exhaust.

    -Misc, pièces mélangés - Offer

    Only exchanges I would consider (I do not add cash!);
    -Side Skirts OEM ou Mugen (Replica) - Integra 90-93
    -Rear Lips OEM - Integra 90-93
    -Mid-Pipe Aftermarket (de qualité) 2.5" pour Integra 90-93 Hatchback
    -(If sell Advans) Mag 15x7 (Offset +30-40) 4x100 de marque. (No RTX, XXR, etc.)
    -(If don't sell Advans) Advan Touring Competition Plate set, blue and in good condition.

    Parts sold:
    -Enkei RPF1 Gris, 16x8 +38 4x100, condition 9/10 on Facebook
    -2 flanges + Gasket 3 pouce Vibrant Neuf Locally
    -Advan SA3R Red/Black Plates, condition 6/10 on JDMRide
    -Advan SA3R/TC Nuts, condition 6/10 on JDMRide
    -Advan SA3R Coins/Clips set, condition 7/10 on JDMRide
    -Front Strut Tower Bar Neuspeed Bronze on MtlRacing
    -Wing West Polyeurethane Side Skirts on CIQ
    -Aftermarket (Solar) Rear Hatch Visor on G2IC
    -Recaro SR4 Wildcat (Yellow/Tomcat) on JDMRide
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    pm sent

    goood nice parts man private msg you


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      Is this the Solar GTStyling 51080 Solar wing version 1 or 2?

      Is this the Solar GTS part number# 51080 Solar wing version 1 or 2?
      and where did you get it originally?? thanks let me know

      i think this one is version 1


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        How much do you think shipping those one piece headlights to the US would be? I'm curious to see


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          Text me (or tell here) your Zip Code so I can verify thanks!


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              I would have to put the headlights in an appropriate box to have a better estimate. I went roughly with a 25x20x10 box weighting 10 pounds, with Canada Post/USPS: 70$ rounded.


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                Bought payment sent for gts solar rear visor!!!


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                  hiro wing

                  You have a hiro wing dont you? You have any brackets you can sell or know anyone that have some?


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                    How much for recaros with shipping to hawaii?


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                      Recaro Sold

                      I do have and Pancake Racing Wing with custom brackets but it's not for sale.

                      Sorry for the late reply.


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                        What happened to the kda?


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                          Originally posted by Swhangin View Post
                          What happened to the kda?
                          Still holding on to it, sitting on 4 blocks right now....