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ON: DA/DB2 partout - volk, tein, jdm, quaife, etc

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  • ON: DA/DB2 partout - volk, tein, jdm, quaife, etc

    ***For US people - prices are in CAD but shipping is on you.

    I've decided that I'm never going to have the time to properly finish my DA (DB2) Integra and have decided to part it out & move on. The following items are for sale:

    -B17/YS1 swap - runs but out of a car with nearly 370,000km so should be freshened up. $700
    -DB2 GSR instrument cluster - $100
    -DB2 GSR front/rear seats and door panels - $200
    -DB2 GSR fenders w/VTEC mouldings - $100 for pair (pending)
    -Fully rebuilt brake calipers w/ brand new pads and rotors, fromt stainless lines, new brake master cylinder - $200 (fronts sold)
    -Brand new gas tank & filler neck - $100
    -everything else from the car - make an offer... including headlights, taillights, bumpers, hood, CDM seatbelts, wiring harnesses, factory air intake (great shape), GSR wheels, etc etc...

    JDM power folding mirrors, complete with relay & switch - $150 (pending)

    Password:JDM Window Visors. Have 3/6 clips, but that should be sufficient with new 3M tape. Mint condition otherwise - SOLD

    Generic Cold Air Intake w/Vibrant couplers, could use a new filter- $30

    Used Momo steering wheel w/Momo hub for DA (horn button included but not shown) - $80

    Innovative motor mount (just one) - make an offer

    replacement balljoint - make an offer

    Authentic Wings West side skirts, look similar to Mugens.. very rare... SOLD

    Amber lower turn signals, 92-93 only - $20

    Another CDM DB2 armrest - SOLD

    Authentic Stanley JDM side-markers - $30

    Functional hood latch - $20

    Another CDM DB2 instrument cluster - $100

    A VERY clean set of JDM headlights w/bulbs, Password:JDM harnesses, and all tabs/etc - $250

    A full set of Sony speakers & head unit w/ aux-in and complete harness - $50

    BNIB Mishimoto Rad hoses - 2 sets, red, SOLD (both)

    Skunk2 dual bend short throw shifter - BNIB - SOLD

    Skunk2 magnetic engine and transmission drain plugs - BNIB - SOLD

    Progress 22mm rear sway bar w/hardware, brackets- SOLD

    Apexi AFC/ SAFC NEO - used but everything included - Can work with any car - $300

    BNIB Apexi AFC / SAFC mounting stand - $30

    OEM P75 ECU - SOLD

    BNIB Energy suspension masterflex (complete) bushing kit, and rear trailing arm bushings - both SOLD

    Blue stock front seats - $50

    Roll bar - was for a DC2 but I'm sure could fit any Honda. Needs to be welded in (or have some plates welded to the bottom so you can bolt it in). One of the rear bars was cut when the previous owner removed it, but can easily be welded back together. $100

    Tein Superstreet coilovers - used with about 15,000KM on them, you can see they are super super clean. SOLD

    Skunk2 front/rear camber kits. Both are used, you can see the rears are missing the nut that is usually used to adjust and instead washers are in place. Functions the same though, and you can just get a new nut at lowes instead of using the washers. Fronts - SOLD. Rears - SOLD

    Full Pacesetter exhaust. Tip needs some work. In decent shape, could be a great exhaust with a little TLC. $60 (pending).

    Personal Neo-Grinta steering wheel. It's sort of bent, so will need to be bent back into place. $40.

    Misc OEM parts - good condition 92/93 tails, front brake lines, good power steering cooler, front mudflaps, and fully rust-free door/hatch from an RS- make offers

    Set of CDM front seatbelt with trim as shown (SOLD!)

    YS1 b18 cable transmission with Quaife LSD installed .... IIRC the LSD should work in all Hydro transmissions as well, but you can do your own research - $600

    A set of OG, very rare Work GR-N 2-piece wheels... they are powder coated pink... but with some work will look amazing on any old-school Honda (DA or EF are perfect IMO). 1 wheel was disassembled but otherwise all together - $800

    I also have a BNIB Exedy Clutch ($130), and two sets of rear seats... one is full black leather, the other another GSR cloth rear seat.... $80 for leather, $60 for GSR cloth.

    Prices OBO, worst I can say is no... although some of the rarer stuff that took a while to find I will be firm on.

    - 401/Winston Churchill in Toronto

    - text (647) 401-7609 if you're IN CANADA, if not email me at ryankucan at me dot com (obviously replacing the at with @, and the dot with .)
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    Emailed about cdm belts!


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      Bunch of good stuff!
      Track Project DB2 #896
      LeMons Project DA9
      My OG DA9, Wrecked, Stripped, R.I.P


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        wanted the belts as well, but keep getting mailer deamons


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          Ey im interested in the cdm armrest email me at how much would it be to shipped to CA 91910?


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            How much would it be for those one pieces shipped to MI 48060? I'm right across the water. Also, if the prices are CDN, would that mean that the one pieces are about $207?


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              Local, can pick up, will text just now re: one-pc lights.


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                Hey guys figured I would just give an update here.... I've edited the post with what's sold already.

                I have had about 5-6 people email me about the full CDM seatbelts, I think I responded back to the first few but the rest I have noted what order you've emailed me in case the first few guys fall through. I should hopefully have the car apart next weekend and will be able to get shipping estimates and detailed pics of the belts then.

                @Jalenda9 I may be visiting my relatives down in Novi, MI in a week or so, so if I can't work something out locally hopefully we can just meet in person to avoid shipping fees.


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                  Yeah man let me know! I'm about an hour and some change from there so let me know. If you still have them when you make that trip out here, my number is 8102809681 and email is


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                    if only u were selling this month n half earlier.. grr good stuff!!!


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                      I had no idea there was a market for Canadian model seat belts... Someone could make a killing by going to the local scrap yards. On topic though, how did the Pacesetter exhaust sound?


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                        ^ Lol yup... the real PITA is boxing up the A/B and C pillars though.

                        Just picked up an S2000 so this stuffs gotta go, will hopefully have the engine out early next week.

                        The exhaust never made it on my car, so not sure exactly how it sounded. I remember hearing a few videos on youtube and it sounded pretty good.


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                          Are you selling the belts with the 2 behemoth rear panels?


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                            Hey guys, been slow about updating this thread. A lot of stuff is gone but I still have a fair amount.

                            Both sets of seatbelts we can assume are sold.

                            As far as stuff that would be easy to ship - I still have the Apexi AFC neo, CDM DB2 cluster, and a few other things.

                            @JalenDA9... never ended up heading to MI but I may be heading down next week on Tuesday or Wednesday... I'll shoot you a text when I know 100% I'm heading down. I usually cross the border at Port Huron so hopefully we can work something out unless someone local picks them up soon.


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                              Okay man! Thats alright im right by the bride aswell so let me know man. Thanks